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Silent Auction Bids--add link to winning Bidder's Name

After our Auction, we had some people who left their items.  To find who purchased the package, we went to the 'Silent Auction Bids' page.  Once we had the winning bid number, we then went to the 'Assign Paddle Numbers' page to look up who the paddle number belonged to.  

Can the same 'drop-down' option on the 'Review/Print Statements' page be added to the 'Silent Auction Bids' page so you can see the bidder's name when looking at the paddle number?  Or, can you have the 'paddle number' link to the attendees' info page?

Thanks for considering!

Laura Diemer

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Thanks Laura for the suggestion!  I can see how that may be helpful.

There is a report that you can print out under the After Auction Tab and Financial Reports. You would choose the All Purchases - Sorted by Item ID report. This report will list all items by Item number and it does include the purchaser of the item. Simply print this report and look up who purchased the items that are left.

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