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Entry Space for Table Numbers and Downloadable File for Attendees

When printing out our guest list for our Dinner Auction, I had to create a spreadsheet containing bid numbers and table numbers for our attendees for our 'check-in' table for reference.  Could an area be created where we can enter table numbers--and have those appear on the attendee reports?

Additionally, in the Attendee Reports section, can you add a 'Downloadable' option?  Presently we can only generate a pdf report.  So, to achieve the report I needed on Saturday, I copied and pasted the entire Attendee Report List into an Excel file, then added a column for Table Numbers.  

Thanks for considering!

Laura Diemer

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Yes Laura, the assigning table numbers is a popular request. I hope that many will vote for this!

As for your request for a downloadable report for the attendees, we do have that option. You will find that in the People/Attendees and then the People Database. You can do a search for Attendees of this Auction and choose your current auction and then choose the Download Data option at the bottom instead of the Search. people_database.JPG

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