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'Packages/Combined Items' editable in Items Database

I really like the 'Packages/Combined Items' tool--except when you need to edit it. Can this package info be 'editable' directly from the 'Search Items' page like other items are?

Example: I go to 'Items Database' to review all of my 'Live' packages. In doing so, any 'single' Live packages listed have 'blue, linkable' titles and if I need to edit, I simply click on the link and make the change.

If the package is a 'Combined Package', the titles are not linked. I then need to go to back up to 'Items', select 'Packages/Combined Items', then select the package I need to edit. Only under this category are the 'Combined Packages' editable and listed with the 'blue, linkable' titles.

Thanks for considering!

Laura Diemer

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