Google's Security Requirements

Coming in July, Google will flag any website that does not have an SSL certificate as "not secure".

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer and allows for communication between a web server and browser to be encrypted and secure. If your website is not using SSL and is operating on HTTP instead of HTTPS, your website will be flagged in Google's Chrome browser.

There is no need to purchase a certificate on your own as FaithWebsites can do so for no cost to your organization.

Next Steps

Just email us and we can begin the process. Here is what to expect.

  1. You will receive a verification email for the certificate to the address(es) tied to your domain at your registrar. In order to proceed, the link in the email must be clicked to provide verification.
  2. We will ask you to lower TTL values for your domain to the lowest possible setting, as this will be the amount of time your website will be inaccessible.
  3. We set a "go-live" time with you and provide new DNS entries to be entered at the specified time.

FAQs from Google

Migrating from HTTP–>HTTPS

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