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You can now use Free-form Signups with the Signup Sheets tool!

Once a page has been created, a Signup Sheets tool can be added to the page. This will allow you to create events, where users can signup for entries. You can choose to connect this tool to the Members Database so visitors need to login to signup, or you can choose free-form signups so anyone can signup for an entry.  The data is downloadable into a spreadsheet, or you may print out the sheet to see who has signed up for which entries.

Adding a Signup Sheets Tool

On the page where you want to add a new signup sheet, click "Select A Tool To Add" and choose "Signup Sheets" under Interactive Content.

  1. Signup Sheet Name: Give the sheet a name
  2. Sheet Owner's Email: This is the email address where notification emails will be sent, if this option is turned on.
  3. Restrict Signups to Members?: You can choose Members Only, if you wish for only members in your Members Database to be able to signup.  This will require them to login with their username and password before signing up.  Or you can choose Free-form Signup and allow anyone who visits your site to signup for an entry without logging in.  (CAPTCHA is automatically turned on so bots do not fill your entries)
  4. Notify owner each time an entry is taken or removed?: This will email the address in the Sheet Owner's Email field each time an entry is taken or deleted.
  5. Allow Users to delete their entries: If Members Only is selected, members may delete their own entries.  This option does not apply to Free-form Signups.
  6. System will email a reminder to those that have signed up for this event:  You can choose if and when a reminder email is sent to the email address the person who signed up, entered.
  7. When signing up for an entry, what should appear in the signup form:  You may choose what displays after an entry is taken.

Click the Submit button, and you will be brought to the Signup Sheets tool pane.

Creating Dates/Groupings and Entries

  1. From the Tool Menu select Add Date/Groupings
  2. Date: Select a Date for this Event
  3. Status: You can choose to keep this date inactive, or active if you are ready for it to display on your site
  4. Grouping: Add Groupings for this event. Examples for this may be Morning and Afternoon, exact time slots, etc.
  5. Click Submit
  6. You will be brought to the Signup Sheets tool pane
  7. In the tool pane, click Setup Entries
  8. For each Group you created, you can setup entries for visitors to signup.  Examples may include nursery, kitchen cleanup, greeters, or whatever goes along with the theme of your signup sheet.  If you need multiple people for a certain entry, you can repeat that entry so more than one person can signup.
  9. Click Submit

Additional Features

  • You may create more than one date in a Signup Sheets tool.  If you only have one date, the signup sheet will appear on the live site right away.  If you have more than one date, the visitor will need to select the date they wish to view.

  • You may edit the entries for those already signed up, by selecting Edit Entries in the Signup Sheets tool pane.
  • You may copy a date into another by selecting Copy in the Signup Sheets tool pane. This is ideal if you have recurring signups happening on multiple occasions.
  • You may see the signup sheet in a printable view, by selecting Print from the Tool Menu dropdown.
  • You may download all of the data in a spreadsheet format, by selecting Download Data from the Tool Menu dropdown.

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    Jean Marie McKearn

    Oh my goodness! You guys nailed it getting this enhancement. No more third-party signupgenius!

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