Social Stream: Direct Posting

One of the benefits of Social Stream is the ability to post directly to your Facebook and Twitter accounts from within Site Manager. If you have website administrators who do not use Facebook or Twitter, but need to share updates to your organization's feed, they can do this through Site Manager. Simply give them access to your Social Stream where you have any social media accounts that you want them to be able to post to.

How to do a Direct Post to your Facebook/Twitter Feed

  1. When logged in to Site Manager, hover over Tool Databases and click on Social Stream.
  2. Click Post to Social Accounts
  3. On this page, you write your social media post, include images and select which accounts you'd like to post to. 
    • Feed to Post to: Check which feed(s) you want this post to be share on. 
    • Post Text: Enter the text that you would like to be shared with this post.
    • Link Information: If you'd like a link to be shared with this post, enter this information here. Note that the Link Title is only included on Facebook.
  4. Click Submit and your social media post will be shared on the selected feeds.
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