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Pasting as Plain Text is an essential skill when working throughout Site Manager. We have the standard, popular Content Editor tool, but we also have editors included with many other tools and databases, such as the Column Display, Blog, Announcements Database and more. Any time that you need to paste content into any of these editors, you should paste as plain text. 

Why Paste as Plain Text? 

When you copy text form any source, whether it's email, a word processing application, or another website, invisible code is copied along with it. This code can affect how the content ends up looking on your website, or it can even add unwanted code that can affect the content of your website. 

When pasting as plain text, all of this invisible code is stripped away and you are left with just your text. You can then use the tools within the content editor, such as the headings, bold or italics, to format the text as you'd like it to appear on your website. 

How to Paste as Plain Text?

Pasting as Plain Text is simple. When in an editor, click on the "Paste as Plain Text button". 


Paste your text into the window that pops up and click "OK". 

The text should now appear in your editor, free of any unwanted formatting. 

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