NEW: MailChimp Integration

The Members Database now integrates with MailChimp! You can connect your Members Database groups to your Mailchimp lists. As you update your Members Database groups, your MailChimp lists will automatically update as well.

Note: The Members Database is only available on the Plus and higher service plans.


Unfamiliar with Mailchimp?

MailChimp is a service that allows you to create email campaigns (for mass sending). While our Members Database has a mass email feature, MailChimp has templates and offers advanced customization for email sending and also has analytics available on who opened your emails and clicked on links. MailChimp offers both free and paid plans, depending on the size of your subscriber list and how many emails you need to send per month.

MailChimp dashboard, displaying some of the analytics available

Getting Started

Before starting the process to set up your MailChimp integration, you will need a MailChimp account. You can do this at Site Manager Members Database groups will sync to MailChimp lists. After creating your account, build the lists that you would like to have for sending. These names can match your Mailchimp groups, or you can set up lists based on the types of emails you plan to send, eg. Newsletter, Special Events, or Internal Communication. 

If a member does not have the "Mass Email" box checked, they will not be imported into MailChimp. 

  1. Once you have your MailChimp account set up, login to Site Manager.
  2. Hover over the People tab, and click on “Members Database”.
  3. Click on "Select Options" and Choose "Connect with MailChimp". 
  4. On this screen, you either have the option to Connect your MailChimp Account for ongoing integration, or do a one-time Manual Import. We recommend choosing to Connect your account, which will allow for automatic updates between the Members Database and MailChimp. Click Connect.
  5. This will take you to Mailchimp to login.
  6. After logging in, you will be taken back to Site Manager, where you can connect a Members Database group to a MailChimp List. 
  7. Select which Site Manager group you want to connect, then select the Mailchimp list, and click sync.
  8. This will add this groups' members and their email addresses into MailChimp. If you need to connect another group, repeat step 7.
  9. All of the Connected Groups will be listed at the bottom of the "Connect to MailChimp" screen. 

Important: When you need to add, update or delete a member, you should do all of this within the Members Database. The changes will automatically appear in MailChimp within an hour.



Disconnecting a group, or disconnecting your account will automatically remove all people who are connected via the Members Database integration from your Mailchimp lists.

If you need to disconnect a MailChimp group, simply navigate back to the "Connect to MailChimp" screen and click "Disconnect" next to the integration that you want to stop. 

If you need to disconnect your entire Mailchimp Account, simply click on the "Disconnect Account" tab and choose "Disconnect". This will remove all connected groups. 


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