Easy Edit: Getting Started

Easy Edit is a new way to work on your website!  Easy Edit makes it easier to locate the tool that you want to edit and get to work, by simply choosing to view the Easy Edit version of the page, which appears similarly to a live view of your website. From there, you just click the tool that you want to edit!

Easy Edit is automatically enabled in Site Manager. However, it is an optional feature. If you do not wish to use Easy Edit, simply continue working in Site Manager as you have in the past. You can still click on the page name to pull up the full page summary to edit your page. 

Note: Easy Edit will not work on static (non-responsive) homepages. 

Getting Started with Easy Edit

To get started with the easy edit functionality, login into Site Manager and under "Navigation Builder", select the category of the page that you'd like to edit. Instead of clicking on the page name like you have in the past, click on the green pencil to the left of the page name. This will take you to the Easy Edit version of your page.


How to Tell That You're on the Easy Edit Page

You can tell that you are on the Easy Edit version of the page in three ways:

  1. The tools will be tinted slightly blue and if you hover over them, they will become green.
  2. At the top, it says "Easy Edit Mode" and a link at the lower right says "Return to Navigation Builder".
  3. The URL, found in your address bar, is ends in "?easy_edit=1". 

Using Easy Edit 

To use easy edit, simply click on the tool that you want to edit. This will take you to a Site Manager page specific to this tool to edit the tool. From here, you can edit the tool as normal, or you can jump back to the easy edit page, by clicking the Easy Edit icon, or the name of page. 


If you decide that you would like to return to the traditional method of editing instead, simply select the page category from the Navigation Builder Menu and then click on the title of the page that you want to edit. This will take you to the traditional page summary.

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