Site Wide Alert

The Site Wide Alert is a powerful tool to communicate with your website visitors. It is designed to share urgent announcements, such as weather cancellations and delays.

Example of the alert window:

The alert window will appear when an end user first visits your website, whether they arrive on the homepage, or an inside page. If they minimize the alert and continue to navigate around your website, the alert will stay minimized in the lower right corner for any additional pages they visit. 

Example of a minimized alert window:

This feature is included in the Plus and above plans. It is accessible to any user who has permission to edit administrator permissions.


To use the Site Wide Alert 

  1. Login to Site Manager.
  2. Hover over Settings and select on Site Wide Alert
  3. Alert settings: 
    • Active/Inactive: Active means that the alert is displaying on your website. The inactive status turns the alert off, but the alert details are still retained in Site Manager, so it is possible to build the information ahead of time (such as an anticipated snow cancellation), and then only switch it to "Active" once you are ready to share. 
    • Alert Title: This will appear in the lower right corner of your website after the end user has minimized the alert window. If they want to view the alert again, they can by clicking on this title.
    • Alert Content: This is a full content editor, so you have the option to add images, links, and text to your alert. 
  4. Click Update when you are done with the alert settings.


  • If your alert is cut off because it is longer than the alert window can show, build an inside page with the rest of your details. Link to this page from the alert window.
  • Only use the alert window as needed, to share important, time-sensitive information. If the alert is used long-term for less urgent messages, such as marketing purposes, your users will be less likely to pay attention to it.
  • An image can help draw your users in. We have some free weather-related images available in our free image gallery
  • If you are expecting a snow storm, or other inclement weather, build your alert ahead of time, so that you only need to make it active once school/church is cancelled for the day. 
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