Online Setup vs. Grandfathered Registration Form

As part of the online auction upgrade in Auction Trak, we also upgraded the registration form to an actual webpage.

The registration information can still be found under the People/Attendees menu and then Registrations.

There are 2 tabs at the top of the Attendee Registration Setup page. The Grandfathered Registration Form is what Auction Trak had previously. The attendees only need to fill out this online form and it DOES NOT require them to create an account and log in. Please watch this help video about the Grandfathered Registration Form and how to use it.

The Online Setup will allow for many more options! For one, it is an actual webpage that you can do some semi-customization with. Also, it will allow for your guests to purchase and pay for tickets/seats to your event. It does require them to create an account and login, but this also allows for the guests to log back in and make changes if necessary. Please see the article for Online Registration Setup.

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