Faithwebsites: NEW! Form Creator submissions now numbered

We're releasing a new feature for your website Form Creator tool today. Submissions will now be numerically tracked, and that number will be appended to any email notifications you have setup. This will help you identify and keep track of your form submissions in new and easier ways.

One of the largest issues was that many email clients, including Gmail, automatically filter, or thread, by the same subject. When you have a form tool setup to email you the submission, all of your forms can get grouped together, making it easy to loose track of one of your forms! 

Starting today, all forms emailed will have a unique number added to the end of the subject line. An example would look like:

Form Completed: Fall Cleanup Volunteer Form [21]

Not only can you keep track of the number of total submissions for each form tool, but each submission now has a unique subject line.

Good to know:

  1. The counting is unique to each form tool in use on your site.
  2. The count starts at #1 today (10/21/15) and does not count any forms submitted prior to the enhancement rollout.
  3. Form submissions emailed is a property setup per tool (in your tool properties), but the forms count is maintained and seen in your downloaded data.
  4. If your tool has the form title fields blank (in properties), then the email notification will use the page name followed by the number.
  5. This will be effective for all existing tools in use as well as all new instances of the tool use.


If you have any questions about our form tool or this enhancement, live chat us or start a support ticket anytime. Additional how-to's about the Form Creator can be found here.

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