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Hosting your online event requires items to sell! Auction Trak allows you to have control over which items you wish to sell online.

To select items for your online auction, you will need to go into the items you wish to add and choose them for the online auction, or mark it for online as you add an item.

Once you select the 'Online Auction Item' option, more options will appear.

Of course you will need to select the online auction category as this will allow your end users to sort through the items on the webpage. Do you want this item featured on the webpage? If so, then mark the 'Featured' box.

Each online item must have a starting bid and a minimum increment bid. You can also enter a reserve bid (how much it must sell for) and a Buy It Now amount.

Because this is not a physical event, you will need to include pick up and/or shipping instructions. A shipping cost can also be entered here.

The Auction End Date and time will auto fill with the online auction setup under Auctions (Home).

Will this item need to be removed from the web? If so, choose when.

It's hard to sell an item without a picture! Add up to 10 images for each item.

Finish the rest of the update/add item tasks and choose 'Update' or 'Add Item' to save your choices.

Once the online items are all selected and it has reached the date and time of the event to start, the items will appear on the online auction webpage.


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