Auction Trak: Online Auction & Online Registration Enhancements!

Today, we are excited to announce the upcoming release of Online Auctions and Online Registrations for our Auction Trak product!

Coming October 26, 2015, we will be releasing a major upgrade for Auction Trak. This upgrade will contain many changes, including the ability to conduct online auctions, and run online registration for your auction event(s). This upgrade will also include changes to the Auction Trak admin interface (GUI), security and password updates, and more.

Upgrade Changes:

  1. Online Auction functionality.
  2. Updated Online Registration tool
  3. Complete online registration tool (attach to PayPal, NMI)
  4. Admin interface menu changes; reorganized and with additional options
  5. User security increased; new encrypted passwords system
  6. New & improved image management and multi-image uploader for items
  7. Tracking auction expenses

Current Auction Trak customers will automatically receive all the above enhancements!


Please watch for an email coming soon with additional information. If you have questions, start a new ticket or email us at 

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