New User Training: Site Manager Basics for Responsive CMS

New User Training for our Responsive CMS

Are you just learning to use Site Manager for your new, Fully Responsive website? Or maybe you have used our system before, but want a refresher and to see the new, Responsive version. If yes, this session is the ideal first choice training for you.

Join us as we train how to get started with building your website using Responsive Site Manager. Most of the session will be focused on the Navigation Builder, with concentrated training time spent on building pages, the Page Summary, tool menus and how-to edit and move content. This session will provide:

  • A quick overview on the navigation of Site Manager, and how to find tools and resources
  • Understanding the two types of content sources: Database Tools and Page Level Tools
  • Training on how to build web pages, web links, including moving pages
  • Training on the Page Summary, adding content tools, tool panes (Preview Pane and Functional Pane), accessing tool menus
  • How to build basic content using some of our more popular tools
  • How to move and copy content, and create active / inactive status changes
  • Responsive page layouts - how to create some of them and how the layout may vary on different devices
  • A brief look into using the File Uploads tool
  • Tips and advice on responsive website building, practical tips and today's website protocols
  • Building Images for Responsive Web design
  • Questions will be answered throughout the session via the questions panel (no mic is necessary)

The presentation will be approximately 1.25 hours, followed by a Q&A time.

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