Enhancement & Updates, Sept 17, 2015. Expand Collapse, Faculty Database, Password Encryption, Profiles

The following enhancements and updates will be released on 9/17/15.

Expand / Collapse Tool

  • The initial content field is changing from a full editor to a text field. This is to allow design formatting to flow through to these primary titles, creating more consistent design & visual integration within text content. If there was HTML or formatted content in the Initial Content field, it will be converted to plain text. The HTML content will be visible for review in Site Manager.

Password Encryption for Members Database, Faculty Database, Secure Documents

We have been doing system wide security upgrades, and will be pushing out the updates for additional password encryption within the database modules and page tools.

Important: No immediate changes are required for the password security upgrades. These are changes in how admin users had access to view passwords. All passwords are now fully encrypted, even to admin users with full permissions. As a result of the full encryption, lost passwords must be reset or updated. 

  • Members Database. Working in the database, passwords will no longer be visible for any administrator. You will be able to change the password manually, or use the new "Send New Temporary Password" link to the member. If you use the send password link, it will send an email with instructions to the email on record for that member. (Note: no change to the initial import of password or password creation.)
  • Faculty Database. Working in the faculty members bio/profile, passwords will no longer be visible for any administrator. You can continue to update the password and submit, or you can use the new "Send New Temporary Password" link to the faculty member. 
  • Secure Documents Tool. For tools with the "Set Single Username/Password" option selected, the password will no longer be visible within Site Manager for any admin user. You will have to manually update the password if you have lost or forgotten the password.

Profiles Tool

  • In the tool's properties, you can now select the image orientation (portrait, square, horizontal), and integrated cropping has been added. This will help in easily building a uniform visual presentation! 
  • The Short Description field has been changed to a text field, from a full editor. This is again to create consistent visual design. If there was any HTML or formatting in an existing profiles tool, it was converted to plain text.

Form Creator

  • Minor updates within the field labels as plain text. This not only allows consistent visual design flow, but also is required to have forms working well on the next generation of devices.

Faculty Database - Faculty Website/Profile

NEW! A brand new option for faculty / teacher websites: Profile + Website! You asked for this enhancement, we delivered! 

You can now integrate both the profile, which is admin user created, and the website home page, which is typically content the teacher creates. The profile data will be located at the top of the home page for non-responsive sites and flow to the a right side location for responsive websites.



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