Enhancement & Updates, Sept 2015. Content Editor, Column Display, Social Stream

The following enhancements and updates will be released on 9/3/2015.

Content Editor and Editors within Tools Image Properties Menu.

The content editor (and editors within other tools) has a totally new way to manage images. There are several new features, but there are also changes on a few advanced features.

  • NEW. Image Properties window now features expanded alignment options
  • NEW. Image Properties include a Captioned Image feature. To activate the caption, click the Caption button and click OK. Next, in your editor, click to edit the Caption text.
  • NEW. Once the image is in the editor window, you can easily resize! Simply click the image, and drag the black box in the lower right corner to make your image larger or smaller! No loss of picture resolution will occur.
  • CHANGED. Border, HSpace and Vspace have been removed. Padding is now automatically default, and borders are no longer supported.
  • CHANGED. The Link and Advanced options have been removed. The advanced options no longer work on modern devices. For adding a link, you can click to highlight the image, and then use the link icon to create a hyperlinked image.

Social Stream

As Facebook and Twitter make changes, so must we. Besides required updates to the integration between Site Manager and Facebook and/or Twitter, we have a brand new look to the stream!

  • NEW. The entire layout design of social stream single feed tool (both main body and right side) has been redesigned and now features better displays for images, updates and icons to link users to your posts and streams.
  • NEW. You can now control if other users' posts to your page will show up on your feed. (This has been very requested and we're excited to deliver this!)
  • NEW / CHANGED. We've changed the length of pixels to number of recent posts, an easier and faster way for you to manage the overall content displaying on your web pages.

Column Display

We've streamlined the Column Display tool so that adding columns is faster and easier than before. Add the tool to the page and you'll be directed to add content for your first column right away. The enhancement that we are the most excited about is managing images. Now, simply add an image (or more) per column and no need to worry about the size of the image. The system will do the resize for you automatically!

  • NEW. "Add Another Column" button featured within each column as you build your tool.
  • CHANGED. No need to determine how many columns in property settings; simply build your columns, between 1 to 4.
  • CHANGED. Adding images is now done through the editor "Add An Image". You do not need to resize (you can if you wish). If you allow the images to come in without resizing, the system will automatically resize to the available width of your column. This will change as/if you add or remove columns, so its best to keep the images full size and let the system do the work for you. NOTE: images left full size may exceed the size of the content editor and preview pane. You may wish to downsize extra large images (over 1200 pixels in width) to something like 800 or 900 pixels wide. That will allow you to manage your content within the Column Tool easier and should still be large enough for use in the column display.
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