Items Presentation Setup

Don't want to print a catalog for your live event? No problem! Use the Items Presentation to show past/current/next items on a large screen. Set up your options under Before Auction and choose Items Presentation Setup.

Do you have a logo for your event? If you want it included on the screen you will need to click on Edit Presentation Logo.

The logo screen will pop up. The Presentation Logo URL will need to be entered in the box. If you previously uploaded the image, you can find it in the Image Library which you can open from this screen.

From the Image Library, copy the URL link. Then go back to the Presentation Logo screen and paste it in the box. Click on Submit to add the logo to your presentation. If you have to add your image yet, click on the Add Image link to add it.

After submitting your logo, choose the Store you wish to show on the screen.

Once you see the list of items, your presentation is ready. To see the presentation go to During Auction and choose Items Presentation.



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