Assign Paddle Numbers

In order to generate most of the attendee reports, you will need to assign paddle numbers to each of the attendees. We strongly recommend that you wait to generate these numbers until most of your attendees are registered in Auction Trak. 

You will find this under Before Auction.

If you have not assigned numbers yet, all of the Paddle Number boxes on the left of the screen will be blank. The list can be sorted as you wish. You can type a number in each box and then save the numbers, but the quickest way to assign numbers is to choose the Auto-assign Paddle Numbers link.

When you choose the Auto-assign Paddle Numbers link a window will pop up.

This will allow you to assign a unique Paddle Number for each Attendee record.
Note: You can't use this utility to change any paddle numbers, only update empty ones. Also, when assigning numbers, if a number is already taken, the system will find the next available number to assign.

You must save the Paddle Numbers before going to the next task or screen. If you don't you will lose all the numbers you entered.

If you need to change a number, just go in the box and delete the wrong number and type in the new one and remember to click the save button at the bottom of the list.


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