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Formatting your auction catalog properly is very difficult to do using web-based reporting tools. In addition, we recognize that each organization will want their catalog to have a look consistent with their auction theme. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you create your catalog using Word or some other type of word processor.

This tool is found under Before Auction.

Going forward, you have 2 options for printing your catalog:

  1. If you are familiar with how to setup and do a Mail Merge with your word processing program, feel free to download the data using the tools below.
  2. If you want the Auction Trak team to prepare your catalog for you, contact us for more information at

If you choose to create your own catalog you will have to select which data you want to download: Live Only, Silent Only, or All. Then chose the Download Data button. Your data will be in an excel file.


This is the data you will use in the merge with the word processor that you use. You will want to save this file.


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