Items Reports

All your items are entered, now what? You may have bid sheets to print, table tents to print, and labels for certificate envelopes. The Items Reports has all you need to get your reports done quickly.

Go to the Before Auction menu and choose Item Reports.

You can shrink your search by choosing different criteria. Search by store names, certificate required (for printing certificate labels) and then order your search.

After selecting Search, you will get a list of items.

The search will default to have all the items in your search criteria selected. On this screen you can change the selections if you wish. Then choose the report type you wish to build. There are many reports as well as a download option to build any report you wish with a mail merge.

If you are selecting Bid sheets, you will see there are different types. Choose the one that best fits what your auction would like. You can edit the Bid Sheet Parameters. The below image is for the Bid Sheet Parameters (With Description).

Add an image if you use an auction logo or just leave it blank. Then select the manual bid or bids provided. Select your bid type and then build your report.

Below is an example of the Table Tents printed with 4 on a page.



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