New Image Gallery Tool

The new image gallery tool offers gorgeous modern photo galleries with automatic resizing and a fully responsive design. It's also compatible with Flickr, to easily share your images without any need to re-upload them.

We also have a video available on the image gallery, which you can find here.

How to Add an Image Gallery to a Page

  1. In Site Manager, navigate to the page where you would like to add the tool.
  2. Click "Select a Tool to Add" where you would like your image gallery tool located and choose "New Image Gallery".
  3. Complete your image gallery settings (see below for more details on the individual settings).
  4. Click Save.


Image Gallery Settings

Gallery Format
There are four different options for your gallery format: Simple Square, Compact Square, Horizontal Collage and Cascading Grid. The ideal display for your gallery will depend on the size of your image, if you are using captions, and also the aspect ratio of your images. This is a very easy setting to change at a later time, so feel free to start with one and come back and change it once you have added some images.

Scroll down for some examples of gallery format and thumbnail effect combinations. 

Thumbnail Effect
The thumbnail effect also has four options: Zoom, Flip, Overlay, and Zoom & Fade. Again, which of these is best will depend on the size of your image, if you are using captions, your image aspect ratio and also the gallery format that you chose. This is also very easy to change, so play around with this once you have added images.

Scroll down for some examples of gallery format and thumbnail effect combinations. 

Image Source
The New Image Gallery tool can have images added traditionally via upload or images can be pulled from an image sharing source, such as Flickr, Picasa, or Instagram. 

If you choose to upload your images, you will be able to add them after saving your image gallery properties by adding an album and selecting images. However, if you would like to pull your images from an image sharing source, you set all of your properties here and the images are pulled in directly. If an image is added or deleted on your image sharing source, it is automatically added or deleted from your image gallery tool. 

To connect your Flickr, Picasa or Instagram account to the Image Gallery tool, your account must be public and/or have public images. Otherwise, the images will not show and you may receive an error. 

See below for more details on locating your Flickr, Picasa or Instagram ID to connect it to your Image Gallery tool. 

Gallery Description
If you would like to add a description for your image gallery tool, you can enter that description here. It will display below the tool heading and above your albums.



Locating your Flickr ID

To connect your Flickr account to the Image Gallery tool, you will need to locate the ID for the account. This is not the same as your username. And, again, remember that only public accounts and/or images will work with the image gallery connection.

Flickr: If you have not set up a custom photostream address for your flickr account, your Flickr ID will be part of your photostream URL, ie: However, most users have set up their photostream URL to include their username, so it is If your photostream URL contains your username, you will need to use one of the following tools to lookup your Flickr ID.

Uploading Images and Adding Albums

Please note that if your image is currently set to pull images from Flickr, Picasa or Instagram, you will need to add an additional image gallery tool to upload images.

  1. In Site Manager, navigate to the page where your Image Gallery is located.
  2. To the upper right of the image gallery tool, click on "tool menu" and select "Add Album". 
  3. "Position After": If you have multiple albums in your image gallery already, select if you want this album at the top or which album you would like it to be after.
  4. "Album Title": enter the name of your album here.
  5. Click "Save".
  6. Click "Choose Image Files".
  7. If the images are already in your file uploads, select them*. ORIf they are not already in your File Uploads, click the upload button, browse on your computer to locate them and they should be automatically selected.
  8. Hit enter. 
  9. Enter Image Titles or Captions if desired.
  10. Click "Add". 
  11. Click "Upload Images" to add more images or "Back to Albums" if you are done and/or would like to add more albums.

(*You can select multiple images at once by holding down "ctrl" on a PC or "command" on a Mac and hitting "enter" when you are done.)

Examples of Gallery Format and Thumbnail Effect Combinations

The best combination for your gallery depends on the size and aspect ratio of your image, as well as whether or not you have captions. We recommend experimenting with them to discover which ones work best for you. Below are a few examples.

Simple Square and Zoom
hovering over first image

Compact Square and Zoom & Fade

Horizontal Collage and Overlay

Cascading Grid and Flip
hovering over first image

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