Available Paddle Numbers

Once paddle numbers are assigned, you may have more people register or you may have some register when they get to the event. The Available Paddle Number tool is a great help!

Find this under Before Auction.

Enter in a starting number and an ending number and click the Display Available Numbers.

Step 2 helps you build a couple of reports. 

The first is the actual paddle numbers that you can print to attach to a card or catalog. Numbers 1 and 2 are assigned and therefore have the individual name also printed. 3 and 4 are not yet assigned.


The second is a report you can print out for the registration table to use for the walk-up registrations. The new registrations can be written on the sheet for someone to enter before the bids are entered.

This can also be done right on the computer screen using your list of available numbers.

Start typing the name in an empty box and a list of pre-entered or previous attendees will pop up. Choose the appropriate name. If the Spouse is attending also, you can mark the box.

Then click the Save Attendee Attachements.

Fred Beal and his spouse are now saved as attendees with paddle number 3. 


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