Certificate Reports

Many items come in the form of certificates. Some certificates the donor will provide, others may need to be generated by the auction committee. The Certificates Reports tool will help you to create those certificates, give you a report of all certificates, and keep them organized!

Find the Certificate Reports tool under the Before Auction Tab.

You can narrow your search by choosing any of the criteria on the screen.

The store 'Live Auction' was selected above. Once you narrow your search, you can choose your report in Step 2. There are 2 options.

You can Print Certificates or choose the Certificate Listing Report.

Choosing the Print Certificates report will open another link where you can edit your certificates.

It is a basic editor where you can insert fields at the top to merge into your certificates. You can design this how ever you wish. Images can be added by opening the image library and adding the image and copying the URL. Once you have the URL you click on the image icon in the editor and paste in the URL. Be sure to click Submit to save your changes.

After closing the window you will go back to Step 2 and choose to Build Report.

Your certificates will print 3 on a page and you can use card stock or any type of paper.

The other report is the Certificate Listing Report. Once you choose to build the report, you will get a PDF file.

This report is helpful in checking in your items and also to verify you have all of the certificates you need.


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