FAQ about Responsive Websites

UPDATE 10/1/2015. Faithwebsites now offers a fully responsive Content Management System (CMS). Converting to the responsive CMS does require a design change (update/upgrade). The responsive CMS is available with our Signature Theme, Enhanced Theme and/or Custom Design options.

There are many important items to know about responsive websites. 

What Is Responsive?

Responsive web design, or RWD, is the technology that allows a website to flow and change to fit the screen that the end user is viewing. The content on the web page resizes up and down (to certain points), and then starts to reposition in order to fit on the smallest screens.

How do you get a responsive website?

Responsive technology is a combination of design + content code / technology, but first it is a design decision. That means that your website design must originally be created as responsive from the start. 

Getting a responsive website requires getting a new website design. You cannot take an existing site, especially an older site, and change it to responsive.

Starting in March 2015, most of our Signature Themes and all Custom Designs are created to be responsive websites. Our design offerings for responsive will continue to grow and expand.

Current stages of fully responsive. 

If you update or create a new website design with Faithwebsites today (and choose a responsive theme or any custom), your website will have a fully responsive home page right away.

The interior pages will not be responsive until we finish the development project of changing the entire system (Site Manager) to produce content responsively. We estimate this project to be complete by late summer 2015. At that time, your site will be "flipped" at no additional cost to you, and you will have a fully responsive site - home and interior pages. 

Until that time, all customers on the Plus and above service plans have a mobile optimized site included. This creates a hybrid of a responsive home + mobile optimized interior pages - and it works seamlessly across all devices and platforms. The end result is that your pages are viewed by all users with ease!

How do I control what content flows to what position on my responsive home page?

In short, you don't.

There are dozens of combinations of variables that control how content resizes and moves. There are core industry standards for what is called "breaking points" (or break points) and those are defined largely by operating systems and device manufacturers. We adhere to all current standards and use current code and methods to allow the site's code to perform it's own algorithm and flow content as need be. 

In a nutshell, the code uses an algorithm that morphs your website into dozens of outputs based on screen size, resolution, operating system and more. This ensures that every user, no matter what screen they are on, gets to experience your website at its best. And that every user sees a little bit different site "look".


If you have questions about responsive, please chat or email our support team at

If you are interested in updating to a responsive website, contact our sales team at


For more information, read our Introduction Article


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