Assign Item Stores/Numbers

It is five days before your event and now the real fun begins! Most of your items are entered and you need to get the bid sheets and table tents printed. First, you need to organize the items by stores and then give them item numbers. Find the Assign Item Stores/Numbers under Before Auction.

You can narrow your list of items many different ways with this screen. You will use some of the more narrow searches with items that come in after you do your initial numbering. A suggestion is to choose one auction category and add stores to those items.

Here is the listing of the Agriculture auction category. You can assign the Store ID by each item, OR you can Auto-assign Store IDs to the list if you know everything will be going to the same store. Be sure to save when you have completed the Store IDs.

Go through all of your categories this way. You may not have all of your items in the Agriculture category going to the same store. For example a toy tractor was donated. You could put this in your Agriculture store or you may want to include it in the Children's store. Assigning all stores first will ensure that you do not miss numbering items.

Once you have the stores added to the items you can then go in and add item numbers by choosing the store on the search page.

Follow this through for all the stores. Be sure to save your changes. You may wish to start your numbers at the next 100 increment for each store. So the Farming store is 601. Your Children's store will be starting at 701. This is another way to recognize where the item should go in the set up. Then any new items for the Farming store would get the next 600 number, which would be 608 in this case.

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