Auction Store Names

Auction Stores are a way for you to keep your items organized for your silent auction event. Items for a particular store will be housed together and the store will close at the same time. If you do not use store names, you will still need to add something. You can use your auction categories if you wish in this case.

Find the Auction Stores under Before Auction.


A LIVE store will already be built in as a default and cannot be deleted. To add additional stores for your silent auction, click on 'Add Auction Store'.

Enter a Store ID. This is a short identifier for the actual Store name to help keep reporting shorter. Enter the actual Store Name and then click 'Add'.

After you add the new Store it will be included in the list. You can go back and update it at anytime by choosing the Update link. Once you start attaching items to a specific store, you will not be able to delete it. If there are no stores attached to the stores you created you will have the option to delete it.

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