Google Calendar Integration

Google Calendar is now integrated with our Site Manager Calendar Admin. This allows you to:

  • Bring any public Google Calendar into your Site Manager calendar, and push the event data and updates out on your website
  • Use Google Calendar AND Site Manager Calendar and bring both (all) categories/calendars into one single calendar or upcoming events tool

The integration allows the end-user to go to your website as the single source for your events, and to manage Google Calendars in a similar way as Calendar Categories.

If your organization is already using Google Calendar or needs to use Google Calendar for some reason, this is the best way to add your Google Calendar to your website. However, if you have not yet started using a calendaring system, we recommend using our integrated Calendar Admin (which has enhanced features and social media integration), as opposed to Google Calendar with the integration.

Before you login to Site Manager: 

  1. Sign in to Google in the same browser that you plan to log in to Site Manager with.
  2. Go to your Google Calendar. 
  3. On the left side of the calendar, click on the arrow button to the right of the individual calendar that you want to integrate with Site Manager. 
  4. Click "Share this Calendar". 
  5. Confirm that it is checked to the left of "Make this calendar public". If not, check this box and click "Save" at the top.

You've now confirmed that your Google Calendar is public and you are ready to login to Site Manager. Again, be sure to login to Site Manager in the same browser. 


How to Integrate a Public Google Calendar:

  1. Login to Site Manager in the same browser that you are logged into Google.
  2. Go to the "Tool Databases" tab, then "Calendar Admin".
  3. Click on "Select Options" to the upper right of your calendar, then choose "Connect to Google Calendar".
  4. Click "Connect Account".
  5. Select the Google account where this calendar is managed.
  6. You will now see a list of all public calendars managed by this account. 
  7. Check the calendars that you would like to integrate with Calendar Admin and also check if you want them included in the weekly email.
  8. Click "Update Calendars". 
  9. At the bottom, you will now see a list of connected Google Calendars. 



Adding your Google Calendar to a Calendar Tool

With any of the Calendar tools, Calendar, Upcoming Events or Mini Calendar, the new Google calendar will appear similar to any other category. The Google events will be included if you choose "All categories" to be included in your calendar or you can do selected categories and the Google Calendar will be listed by name. 

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