Make People Donors

Maybe this is your first year with Auction Trak or maybe there are a bunch of new people in your People database that attended your last auction and you want to reach out to them as potential donors. The Make People Donors tool will help you to quickly add those people to your Donor list instead of going into each person's screen to mark the box.

You will find the Make People Donors under the People/Attendees menu.

You can enter in a First or Last name choose attendees of a certain auction, or even choose Inactive, Active or both to get a shortened list. Otherwise just click the search button to get your entire list. (Be sure you select the correct Active or Not choice.)

Here you can quickly mark the box with a check if you want to add this person as a donor. When you have all of your boxes marked, be sure to click the Submit Changes button to save your work. Once you save it you can now go into the donor database and find those that you just marked as donors in the donor database.

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