Changes in Email Functions from Site Manager

You may have noticed a change in emails sent from your website. They are now being sent from an email address "".

The Display Name - the name that end users see in their inbox - is still your organization. But when a user actually looks into the email header, they'll see our default email address instead of your own (if you had updated that in the tool properties). 

This article will explain why we had to make this change - and why we did this so quickly. This article will further explain that emailing from our address is not the end solution; we are working on restoring functionality where you can use your own email as the send-from address once again.

Why The Change?

We had to change the send email address from your designated email address to "" due to some significant deliverability issues with email that started cropping up in early March 2015.

There were a number of factors that played into these deliverability issues, ranging from changes in the way technology handles email, stronger spam protection implemented over the past several months and the list goes on.

In a nutshell, we can tell you that our email sending server ended up with a very low reputation and many of the emails coming from our server were being blocked by the receiving email providers. This blocking further degraded our reputation, to the point where the blocking was so bad that it seemed like emailing from our system wasn't working at all. In fact, emails were being sent and then blocked on the receiving end.

As a result we have moved all emailing functionality off our server and on to a high end transactional email server (system) with a company that specializes in email delivery.

It was something we were forced to do quickly in order to keep emailing effective in our system, and it is working. This change has already increased all delivery rates by 95% in just a matter of days and we now have an "Excellent" sending reputation. Email has never worked better for our systems!

Email Reputation

Email is an industry of its own. In the email industry, sending reputation is based on several factors, the primary being the reputation of the email server or service, the IP address(es) of the server(s), and the domain itself. 

Statistics show that 80-85% of emails are spam, and this is causing a huge issue in the email world. As a result, all email providers have to work hard to block as much spam as possible. It then becomes a challenge to be a sender of non-blocked email. A big part of "deliverability" is the use of "authorized servers" for email addresses at specific, "proven reputation" domains.

Since we do not control your domain, we needed to change the send-from email address to one on our own domain and then change certain DNS records and settings to qualify that domain and prove it to be credible for sending email. We had to prove we weren't spammers (or other unsavory type of business!). 

As noted above, our email reputation is now "Excellent", and we continue to be added to white-listings and trusted by more of the larger email servers/services in the world. This is laying the foundation for the intended end solution - when we can turn it back on for you to send from your own email address(es).

Moving Towards Sending From Your Email

We will be able to move forward with opening up send-from email addresses from domain based email in the near future. (Watch for further updates and announcements).

It's important to revisit something: domain based email. Sending email from your website again using your email address will require that you use domain based email such as, not or, etc.

If you do not have domain based email, you will need to continue using our email address (which will still be the default) to send from. Remember - the display name still shows as your organization, but the actual send-from email address will be our system's default.

We will post further updates and instructions when we are able to turn the domain based send-from emailing on, as there will be some steps you'll need to take to ensure good deliverability.

If you have further questions on any of this, please contact us at


Reference Article: This article has some clearly stated domain and IP reputation information. We do not endorse this article or the author, and are merely providing this for additional information and insight for our customers.

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