How to Change your DNS Records (Faithwebsites CMS customers)

You’ve asked me to change my domain’s DNS records, what exactly do I have to do?

The short answer is that you have to change the A record for your root domain and either change or add a Cname for your www subdomain. Please do these in this order:

  • Step 1: Change the A record for your root domain (also referred to as the "naked domain") from to
  • Step 2: Change or add a Cname record for your “www” subdomain to point to If you have an existing cname record for your www subdomain, change the value of that record from to If you have an A record in place for your www subdomain, you have to delete that record and enter a new cname record that points to
  • Step 3: Email us at to tell us you have completed these updates, so we can test the setup for you. Include your organization name AND your domain name in this notification to us.

Do not change any other records! Specifically, do not change your nameservers for your domain, as this will upset all of your DNS records and will break your email for your domain. Also note: using a cname record for your root domain can make your email and other services stop working. The cname record should be used for the www subdomain only! If you see anything in your domain account that doesn't line up with these instructions, please contact us immediately for assistance. We are happy to help.

Where do I change my DNS records?

First, you have to know where your DNS (Domain Name System) records exist. Your DNS records always exist on a computer called a nameserver. In order to change your DNS records, you need to know what nameserver has your domain’s DNS records on it. Typically, a domain will utilize two or more nameservers, but these nameservers contain identical records, so, there is only one place to change your DNS records, even though your domain may list as many as 5 nameservers.

Most often, the nameservers that contain your DNS records will be at your domain registrar. But they could also be at another provider, like your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or your email host, or anyplace else that offers DNS services. You can find out where your domain is registered and what nameservers contain your DNS records by going to and entering your domain name there. The resulting report will include the following:


In this example, the registrar for is 1&1 Internet AG (,) and the nameservers where the DNS records exist are’s nameservers ( So, If I want to change any of the DNS records for the domain, I would do so in the account at

Some common nameservers and their corresponding domain registrars are:

NSXX.DOMAINCONTROL.COM would be a GoDaddy Nameserver

NSXX.WORLDNIC.COM would be a Network Solutions Nameserver

NSX.REGISTRAR-SERVERS.COM would be a or Enom Inc. Nameserver

How do I change my records?

The actual steps of changing your DNS records will vary from registrar to registrar. We've made some videos to show you how to do this with some of the most popular registrars and also linked to their own help documentation. 

Please remember that you need to change both the A record for your root domain and add or change the cname record for the www subdomain. See above for the new records to enter.*

*It is very important that you change your root domain's A record first and then add and edit your www cname record, as doing it in the reverse order will result in the loss of the cname record for the www subdomain. The video above also demonstrates this.*

* does not have written documentation for changing your records, so we recommend watching the video if you need full instructions for

Network Solutions

Amazon Route 53


For GoDaddy's support article, be sure to click on "Adding or Editing A Records" and "Adding or Editing CNAME Records".

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