People Database Import

Do you have a list of past auction attendees? In that case, Auction Trak has an import attendees tool to take the excel spreadsheet items and quickly upload them.


1. The People Database Import tool is located under People/Attendees.

2. You will need to create an excel spreadsheet and follow all instructions listed above. It should look something like this when you are ready to do the upload.


Data must be entered into any column listed with a red asterisk in the instructions. Some columns are left blank. In this example column F was left blank because there are no Spouse Emails. Be sure to have an ‘x’ in each cell for column P and also delete your header row if you used them in your creation of this spreadsheet.

Once you have completed your spreadsheet you will need to save it as an excel file, xls or xlsx file.


3. You are ready to choose your file. Click on the Browse button and select the file that you just saved.


4. Choose the Import button. This can take a few minutes depending on how much data you included. See below what you will see once the upload has occurred.

import success.JPG

If you have any errors, it will tell you which ones. If it doesn’t work at all, go back and double check your work in setting up the spreadsheet.

Congratulations! You can now begin to manage your attendees within Auction Trak.

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