Page Layouts: How to set up the 3-Column Layout

The 3-Column layout is the second most popular. It allows you to have the left navigation, the main body and the right side for additional content. However, it does give you the smallest amount of space to work with. It can look a bit busy, particularly if you have text in all 3 columns, so make sure that your page is not visually overwhelming with the type of content that you are displaying.

How to set up the 3-Column layout option

  1. In Site Manager, go to the page where you would like to use the Main-Right layout.
  2. Click on Right Side.
  3. Add a tool to this page. Click Select a Tool to Add and select the first tool that you would like on the right side bar.
  4. If this is a database tool, such as the upcoming events tool or Announcements tool, move on to step 5. However, if your first tool is a page level tool that needs content added, such as the content editor, slide show or resource content list tool, add content before moving on to step 5.
  5. Now, click on Properties
  6. Click on Options
  7. From the first drop down menu, select Display Left Nav
  8. The 3-Column layout should now be enabled for your page. Preview the page to confirm. 

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