Merging People

With many volunteers helping you enter all of your data, it still can happen that a duplicate person is entered. There is a Merge tool to help combine them into one record.

Go to People/Attendees and do a search for the person you want to merge into.

On the Edit People screen click on the Merge link.

You will then get the Merge Screen.

As you see above the person you are merging the records into is Albrecht, Scott. You will now need to choose the record to merge from. By clicking the drop down arrow you will get the entire list of your database, or you can start typing in the name.

When you select a People Record to Merge From, the system will merge all of their cash donations, purchases, payments, and attendee data from a People Database standpoint, as well as all of their item donations from a Donor Database standpoint. The contact information for the "Merge From" record will be permanently deleted.

Once you are sure you want the 2 records merged, click on the Yes, Merge Selected Record box. Once the records are merged you will see the Edit People screen for the person you merged into, in this case Albrecht, Scott.


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