Announcements Database & Social Stream Integration

If you are using the Social Stream Database, you can easily share your announcements on your Facebook and Twitter feeds with just a few clicks. 

Please note: Before you can use this integration, you must set up the Social Stream database, if you have not already. Read Social Stream: Getting Started to learn how to connect Site Manager to your Twitter and Facebook accounts with the Social Stream Database. Also note that the Social Stream database is only available on our Premier and Enterprise plans. If you are interested in upgrading service plans, please contact our sales team. 

Sharing your Announcements

Once you've set up the Social Stream Database, you can move to the Announcements Database to add your announcement or share an existing announcement. If you have not used the Announcements Database, you may find Announcements Database: Getting Started to be helpful.

When you add a new Announcement, you should now see checkboxes at the bottom of the page, where it says "Automatically Post to Social Stream:", allowing you to check  the Social Media feeds that you would like to share this announcement on. Check each one where you would like this announcement to be shared.

Please note: if you are sharing this announcement on Twitter and the announcement is over 140 characters, it will be cut off with an ellipsis(...). If you are doing this, we recommend entering the URL of a page where you have added the Announcements tool to the "Link URL" field, so that a link will be attached, allowing your followers to easily find the full announcement on your website. 

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