Google Universal Analytics - Common Q&A

Wanting to update your Analytics in Site Manager? Head to this article first.

Google may (and does) change the process and information below at any time. Please refer to Google Documentation for the most updated information.

Common Q & A from our customers

How do I upgrade to Universal Analytics?

Login to your account. If you haven't already been auto-converted, you'll see a large Upgrade notice, as pictured below.

What if I don't upgrade or update Site Manager?

If you do nothing, Google will automatically move your account to the new UA and your analytics will continue to work as it has. You won't receive any of the new metrics, reporting or features, but you will still receive analytics. Once DIS learns that Google has auto-migrated every account, we'll change Site Manager so that its only using the new UA tracking code.

In summary, you don't have to do anything. But if you want some of the new features, simply upgrade or check if you're already upgraded with Google and then make that simple update in Site Manager. 

Google is telling me to copy and paste my tracking code on to every page. How do I do that?

The short answer is "you don't". With Site Manager's integration, all you do is enter the Tracking ID code into the Google Analytics page. Then, Site Manager automatically inserts that tracking code for every published page on your site. It's that easy! (See screenshot below)

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