Linking To a Specific Location on a Page

In addition to linking to pages and files, you can also build links to a specific spot on a page. There are two different ways that you can go about this-- either by building an anchor in a content editor or by using the Tool ID. Let's start with explaining how you can do this with a Tool ID, as it is the easier method.

Using Tool ID to Link to a Specific Spot on a Page

Every tool in Site Manager has a unique tool ID. Whenever you click the "Preview" button on a page, it takes you to the specific location of that tool on the page. You can use this function to link directly to the tool yourself.

  1. In Site Manager, locate the tool that you would like to link to. 
  2. Click the Preview Button below the tool. This will take you to the live page with your tool on it. 
  3. In your address bar, copy the full address. It should be the address of the page + # + a number. For example, "". 
  4. Now, build your link as you would like with this URL. It will take your user to the page, loading right where that tool begins on the page.

Building an Anchor to Link to Specific Spot on a Page

You must build your anchors in a content editor. This can be a content editor tool, or it can even be a content editor within another tool, such as the description of an item in a Resource/Content List tool or the bio in a profiles tool. 

  1. In Site Manager, go to the content editor where you would like to add your anchor. 
  2. Within the content editor, click your cursor where you would like the anchor to be located, so that the cursor bar is flashing where you would like your anchor added. 
  3. Click on the flag icon, just to the right of the link options. 
  4. Enter your anchor name. This should be all lowercase letters. 
  5. Click "OK" and click the "update" button for your content editor. 
  6. You have now added your anchor. The URL will be your page URL + # + anchor name. 
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