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Site Manager is equipped to integrate with Universal Analytics, as well as the classic (original) analytics as of September 2014.

Quick Introduction:

As you may have heard, Google introduced a new version of their Analytics, called Universal Analytics, also referred to as "UA". You can read more about Universal Analytics here.

Organizations just setting up Analytics for their site will automatically be setup with Universal Analytics. 

Organizations can voluntarily (proactively) update / upgrade their existing Google Analytics, but all Analytic accounts will be moved to Universal Analytics over time. To our knowledge at the time of writing this article, Google has not released a specific schedule, but we do know the conversion has happened for many of our customers already.

Please be aware that while our website CMS integrates with Google Analytics / Universal Analytics, DIS | Faithwebsites has no additional information about this, other than what information is provided by Google.

Integrating or Updating Your Analytics in Site Manager:

If you are just starting and already have Universal Analytics:

  1. While logged into Site Manager, go to Account Information > Google Analytic Statistics. 
  2. Follow the directions, being sure to select "Universal Analytics" for the Analytics Type.
  3. Do NOT enter anything in the Mobile Site field. UA does not require separate tracking IDs.
  4. Click Submit.

If you are previously setup and are upgrading to Universal Analytics:

Updating Site Manager's properties to the Universal Analytics is preferred, but not required. In order to receive the full benefit of UA, including many of the newer metrics and reporting features, you'll need to make the changes below. 

If you do not update your Site Manager settings, analytics will work for now, however, you will only have basic analytic data. We advise that you make this change as soon as you've upgraded (or have been auto-upgraded), as Google is deprecating the old analytics.

  1. While logged into Site Manager, go to Account Information > Google Analytic Statistics.
  2. Your Tracking ID should not have changed, but it would be a good idea to double check your ID at this point.
  3. Empty the Mobile Site field (if populated).
  4. Change Analytics Type to Universal Analytics.
  5. Click Submit.

Google states that the changes can take up to 48 hours to process after you complete the upgrade to UA.

Upon submitting this change in Site Manager, your tracking code throughout your entire site has been updated to Universal Analytics. No further updates are required.



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