Message Board: Getting Started

The message board allows you to post topics, questions or announcements that allow for comments. The message board also allows your end-users, those without admin permissions, to create their own posts as well, if you choose. 

It has some similarities to the Blog Tool and Announcements Database, but it is best utilized when you want to allow users to post their own topics for discussion without admin access and when you want people to be able to comment. 

Adding a Message Board Tool

  1. In Site Manager, go to the page where you would like to add the message board tool.
  2. From the "Select a Tool to Add" drop down menu, select "Message Board". 
  3. This will take you to the message board properties page. 
    • Title: If you would like to give your message board a title, enter that here.
    • Display RSS Graphic: You can add an RSS feed to your message board, which will allow users to subscribe to the message board using an RSS Feed reader, such as Feedly. 
    • CAPTCHA Protection: Select if you would like to require your users to enter CAPTCHA when they submit a comment. This is recommended to keep bots from submitting comments to your blog.
    • Provide Keyword Search: If you would like to offer a search for your users to search your message board posts, select yes.
    • Force Comments to be Approved: Select if you would like to approve comments before posting them on your website. If you do not choose to add CAPTCHA protection to your comments, we recommend selecting "yes" for this option. You may also want to require approval if you are concerned about inappropriate comments. 
    • Allow Users to Create Posts: Select Yes if you would like to allow your end users to create posts for this message board tool. These users will not need to be logged in as an administrator. They can create a post from your live website.
    • Default Author: If you would like to have a default author, enter his or her name here.
    • Allow Users to Submit Comments to Existing Posts: If you would like to allow commenting, select yes. If you would like to turn comments off, select no.
    • Email Addresses: Enter any email addresses that you would like notified of new comments to your posts. If you are requiring approval for comments, we recommend entering the email address of the person responsible for approving the comments, so that they will receive email notification of new comments. Separate the email addresses with a comma.
    • Members Database Groups to be Emailed: Check any Members Database groups that you would like to be notified of new postings on this tool. 
  4. When you are finished filling out the properties, click "Add" at the bottom of the page. 
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