Optional Auction Trak Services

You may find that you don't have the time or the manpower to complete some of the initial setup steps for your Auction Trak account. Our support staff would be happy to help you, but this is at an additional cost to you.

  • Data Importing: $100 per hour
    • This includes any of the following data imports: Donors, People, Items
    • This is an optional service as Auction Trak has all the tools you need to upload this data on your own.
    • Obviously, the cleaner your data, the less time this will require on our end.
  • Personal Online Training: $200 per training
    • Training is conducted live using a webinar application.
    • We can train individuals in multiple locations.
    • Training will last 90-120 minutes.
  • Create Auction Catalog: $200
    • Our professionals will take your auction items and create a catalog in Word for your review.
    • Catalog can be sorted by auction stores / categories.
    • We will do up to 2 rounds of changes after the initial draft.
    • Once approved, we will provide you with a .doc file that you can further edit and use for printing purposes.
    • The final copy that we provide will only contain the data from Auction Trak.  That is, we will not provide a cover, table of contents, thank you text or any other text that you might want to have in your catalog.  Your school will be responsible for all this extra text.
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