Navigating the People Database

A key to a successful auction is people willing to bid on the items. Auction Trak has a section to organize all the people attending your event.

It begins with a search page, where you can narrow your search by many different parameters like last name, attendees of this auction, are they a donor, and more!

The data can also be downloaded into excel for you to create mail merges, send emails etc. If you would like to view the entire list of people, simply click on the link to view all people. Once you click the link or the Search button for a narrowed search, you will see the list.

On the list you can click on the notepad/pencil icon  to view a specific person.

You can make any changes needed to your person such as address changes, email, phone etc. This is also where you can make a person a donor by checking the box. If you mark them as a donor, you will also need to select a solicitation team and an auction category. Once a person is entered, there is not a way to delete them. However, you can remove the check from the Is Active box and make them Inactive.

Toward the middle of the edit people screen you see an Attendee box. If you check that you will get a drop down of many auctions. If this is your first auction, you will only see this auction.

You can click on any of the auctions to make this person an attendee. Remember to save your work!

There is a Merge link listed at the top right of the screen. This allows you to merge 2 records together if you happen to have a duplicate entry. Please see Merging People for more information.


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