Sharing Main Calendar on Faculty Pages

We are excited to announce that you are now able to share your main calendar categories with your faculty members. This saves your faculty members time as they are able to share school-wide events on their classroom pages without having to enter these events into their faculty calendar manually.

This feature is automatically on for your faculty members and they can begin sharing right away. However, if you have any calendar categories that you do not want to be available to your faculty members, you will need to turn that off in the calendar settings. All categories will be shared with your faculty unless you turn off this option in the calendar category settings.

Turning the Faculty Sharing Feature On/Off

The sharing feature is managed category by category. This means that you can select which categories you would like to share with your faculty members. You can share only certain categories with them if you choose. The default setting is on for all categories. However, if you would like to turn off this feature for a particular category or if you have turned it off for a category and would now like to turn it on, follow the steps below.

  1. In Site Manager, go to the the "Tool Databases" tab. Select "Calendar Admin". 
  2. To the upper right of your calendar, click on "Select Options" and choose "Update Categories". 
  3. Click on the name of the category that you want to edit. 
  4. At the bottom, where it says "Allow Faculty Inclusion", select if you would like this calendar to be sharable or not sharable. 
  5. Click "Submit" after you have made your changes.

Repeat these steps for each calendar category that you would like to edit the properties of.


How to Share a Main Website Calendar as a Faculty Member

Faculty Members can share the main website calendars in any calendar tool within their faculty pages, as long as the sharing option is turned on in the main Calendar Admin for at least one category. The main website calendars can be displayed alone or with events that the faculty member adds within their own calendar admin. 

Here are instructions for a faculty member who wants to add the main website calendar to a new or existing calendar tool.

  1. When logged into your faculty page, add a new calendar tool to a page, or go into the properties of an existing calendar tool (Click on "Tool Menu" to the upper right of the calendar, then "Update Properties").
  2. Scroll down to where it says "Full Site Calendar Categories."
  3. Select if you would like "No Calendars" included, "All Calendars" included or "Selected Calendars" include. If you choose "Selected Calendars" check the boxes next to the calendar categories that you would like to include on your faculty page calendar. 
  4. Click "Update" at the bottom when you are done.


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