Twitter is here!

The addition of Twitter to the Social Stream Database, our social media integration and synchronous publishing module, is here! 

Now you can add your Twitter accounts in addition to your existing Facebook accounts - or start using Social Stream Database with Twitter. 

Haven't heard of Social Stream?

Social Stream is a feature of our Premier and Enterprise service plans. It is a database tool, and if you have this feature, you'll see it in your Tool Databases drop menu - or check your permissions under People. Permissions for Social Stream module must be turned on for you before you see the options.

Social Stream integrates social media posting and publishing with your website posting and publishing. It's a two-way street, meaning that content can go both directions:

  • You can update (publish) content to your website AND your social media feeds at the same time. Yes, we said "at the same time" - do the work once and take care of both sources at the same time!!
  • You can easily bring in your social media feed (posts, tweets) on to any inside page of your site by adding a page level tool for the specific social media account. There is both a main body and a right side bar tool, so you can setup individual pages just how you need them.


Social Stream is currently integrated with the following tools:

  • Calendar admin (add/edit events; you can setup events to immediately post or have scheduled posting to your social media)
  • Blog tool
  • Content / Resource tool
  • and coming soon... Announcements!

Get Started

If you already have Social Stream, you can head to Tool Databases > Social Stream and see the "Add Twitter" button. Once again, you must have full access to the Twitter account (username and password) to attach the Twitter account to Site Manager.

Once you have one or more Twitter accounts setup, you can add the single feed tool to any inside (sub-page) page, and integrate with your content tools.

If you would like to add Twitter to your automatic posting on a tool already setup with Facebook, head to that tool, choose update properties and then add Twitter to your already existing Facebook choice. Your content updates will publish to both Facebook and Twitter. (Remember that automatic posting or publishing is currently available for the blog, content-resource, and calendar events.)


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