Shopping Cart / Online Store: Discount Codes

You can add Discount codes to an individual Online Store tool. You need to already have your shopping cart database setup (Under Tool Databases) and have added a cart tool to a web page(s). Discount codes are unique to each tool instance.

Under the Tool Menu for that tool, click the Discount Codes to add Discounts for this page.

Click the Add Discount Code to add a discount or choose Back To Main Body to take you back to the Online Store editor.

Fields marked with a * are required.

  • *Discount Code: Enter the Discount Code.
  • *Discount Percentage: Enter the Discount Percentage. (Enter 1.0 for 100%, 0.01 for 1%)
  • Active:  Check this box to make this Discount active or leave it blank to disable it.
  • Applies to: Choose the products for which the Discount code applies. You can choose to have the code apply to "All Products" or "Selected Products".

Add: Click on the Add button to add this Discount Code to the page.



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