Shopping Cart / Online Store: Shopping cart categories (adding categories)

To add categories to the shopping chart, first hover over "Tool Databases" and click on "Shopping Cart Database". Then, at the right, click "Select Options" and then "Product Categories". Once you are on the categories page, choose "Select Options" again and "Add Category."

  1. Category Name: Enter a Category Name.
  2. Position After: If you have other categories, choose where you would like the Category to show in the list.
  3. Add: Choose Add to add the Category.
  4. Reset: Choose Reset to clear your changes and start over.

Once a Category is added, you may also create Sub-Categories.

  1. To the left of the Category you wish to create Sub-Categories, click on the Sub-Categories link.
  2. Click the Add Sub-Category box.
  3. Sub-Category Name: Here you will see the Category at the top. You may then enter the desired Sub-Category name.
  4. Position After: You may also choose where in the list of Sub-Categories you would like this Sub-Category to appear.
  5. Add: Choose Add to add the Sub-Category.
  6. Reset: Choose Reset to clear the screen and start over.


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