Shopping Cart / Online Store: Adding products

  1. Hover over on the Tool Databases tab and click on Shopping Cart Database. 
  2. Click the arrow next to "Select Options", then chose "Products".
  3. Again, click on "Select Options and "Add a Product". 
  • Product Title: Enter the title of you Product here. This is required to continue.
  • Price: Enter the cost of your Product entered above. This is required to continue.
  • Minimum quantity: If you require a minimum amount of the product to be purchased, put that amount in here.
  • Display "Qty" selection: Yes, display a "Qty" selection when the "Display Add to Cart button immediately" results format is used.
  • Photo: You may enter a photo of your product here. Click Choose File to search for a photo. Your photo must be a .jpg or .gif file. If your photo is wider than 400 pixels, it will be scaled down accordingly. A thumbnail will automatically be created from the photo you upload.
  • Zoomify: Zoomify is a tool that will allow your customers to zoom in to see your product photos. First download and install Zoomify Express (free download). Then drag your original photo (the larger the better) onto the "Zoomify Converter.exe" file. That will create a folder named similar to what your photo was named. Right click on that folder and send it to a ZIP file. Then Upload the ZIP file.
  • Show in Category: Choose the category that this Product belongs to if it has one. You must first have the categories set up in the Shopping Cart Database.
  • Show in Sub-Category: Choose the sub-category for this Product. These can be set up in the Set Up Category section of the Shopping Cart Database.
  • Position After: You may place this Product in the order you desire. If there are already Products entered, you can place the new product before or after any existing products.
  • Discount Code Applies?: Check this box if the Discount Code you entered in the Shopping Cart Database Properties applies to this product.
  • Description: Enter a description of the product in the editor.
  • Keywords for Search Option: Enter in Keywords for this product when the customer is searching for something.
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