Shopping Cart / Online Store: Basic Description & Overview

The shopping cart feature lets you sell anything you want on your web site. It is included in the Premier and Enterprise plans. 

Here are some of the major features:

  1. You can organize your products into categories and sub-categories if you wish.
  2. Users place the items into their shopping cart, checkout with their billing and shipping information, review their order, and finally enter payment information.
  3. You can have UPS automatically calculate US and Canadian shipments or enter a price matrix based on the total amount of the order for charging for shipping.
  4. Accepting payments online is optional through Paypal. or Google Checkout. All it requires is that you create a business account with Paypal or Google Checkout, which is free! We then configure your account to use your web site. Customers can pay with either their Paypal account (Paypal option only) or with a major credit card.
  5. Email confirmation for each order for both you and your customer. 
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