Shopping Cart / Online Store: Add On Costs

In the shopping cart / online store, you can also add an additional cost for products in the individual tool(s). This allows you individual control options for each instance of your shopping cart tool on your website.

  1. Under Tool Menu, click the Add On Cost to add other cost to a product for this page.

  1. Click the New Add On Cost to add a cost  or choose Back To Main Body to take you back to the Online Store editor.
  2. Fill out the following fields. Fields marked with a * are required.
  • *Title: Enter the title of your Add On Cost.
  • *Cost: Enter in the dollar amount of this Add On Cost.
  • Description: Enter the description of this Add on Cost.
  • Position After: Choose where this Add on Cost is positioned.
  • Add: Click Add to save this Add On Cost.
  • Reset: Click Reset to clear the changes and start over.
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