Shopping Cart / Online Store: Adding to a webpage / website

After the Shopping Cart feature is activated AND you have gone to Tool Databases, Shopping Cart Database and set up your database and added products to your shopping cart, you can add your shopping cart to a page.

Login to Site Manager, go to Navigation Builder, and proceed to create a new page for your online store. You may wish to make this page inactive while you set this up, so that this page does not show up in the navigation during the setup process.

  1. On your new page, click "Select a Tool to Add" and choose "Online Store". This will take you to the preferences page for this individual Online Store tool.
  2. Shopping Cart Type: Choose Shopping Cart or User Enters Amount. Most of the time, you will want the "Shopping Cart" option. You can also choose "No Online Payment" if you want to allow your customers to submit orders and pay later. You may customize the text for the "No Payment" button.
  3. Product Categories: Choose the Product Categories you would like to make visible on this page of the website. You can either include all of the categories or you can select which specific categories you would like to be included in this tool.
  4. Show The Price: Check this box to show this product's price and allow it to be added to the Shopping Cart.
  5. Display Search: Check this box if you desire to display a search box on the user side.
  6. Display "Back to Home Page" link: Check this box to display a "Back to Home Page" link on the user side.
  7. Results Per Page: Choose how many products to show per page.
  8. Results Format: Choose how you want the products displayed on the page.
  • Tabular: Products will display in a single row.
  • Profile: Products will display in columns. Choose the number of Columns.
  • Display Add to Cart button immediately: Check this if you want an Add to Cart button on the result list. You can check the boxes to "Show Thumbnails" and/or "Show Description"
  1. Ask for More Per Product: Enter text to ask for More Per Product.
  2. Shipping Costs: Enter the amount you charge for shipping.
  • Pickup: Enter in the amount you charge for Pickup.
  • Will Call: Enter in the amount you charge for Will Call.
  • Send Home With Child: Enter in the amount you charge for Sending Home With Child.
  1. Return URL After Order is Complete: Enter in the URL that the user will be taken to once the order is complete. If you leave this blank, the user will be sent to a page  with your header along with a thank you message.
  2. Show Reference Number: Check this box to show the Reference Number field on the Checkout screen.
  3. Show Customer ID: Check this box to show the Customer ID field on the Checkout screen.
  4. Show Drop Down Field: Label on Checkout Screen: This is a user defined field where you can ask a question at checkout. A common use for this field is a "How Did You Hear About Us?" question. Enter the options that should appear in the drop down box below: Enter the answer options in the editor. Separate each option with a comma.
  5. Text Above Payment on "Review your Order" Page: If you would like any additional text or information on the "Review your Order" page, enter it here.
  6. Update: Click Update to save your changes.
  7. Reset: Click Reset to clear your changes and start over.
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