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This article only applies to customers with a Signature Theme or Custom Design home page. If you are not sure what type of design your website is, please contact us by starting a new ticket.

Home Page Feed

If you have a Signature Theme or a Custom Design website, your home page may feature a social media feed, typically Facebook and/or Twitter.

A "feed" simply means that the content flows automatically from your published source (such as Facebook). When your source is updated, that update is published on your home page too.

While all designs differ, nearly all designs only support a snippet of content, not the full post. All designs offer the end user a means of linking to the actual post/tweeet/update, or to the source page (your Facebook or Twitter page).

There is no way to edit this section in Site Manager. The content is controlled through the original source. Any editing of the layout or the snippet of content that shows would be done through our programming team and is limited by the constraints and rules of the feed source (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).


Setting Up Your Feed Using Social Stream

If you have Premier or Enterprise service plans, you have the Social Stream Database module & tools. Your implemented home page will use your Social Stream to feed content. 

To have your feed content appear, you will need to first setup your Social Stream account in Site Manager, under "Database Tools".

Next, you'll need to connect that feed to your home page tool. To do this:

  1. Under Navigation Builder, choose Home
  2. Click the page called Home Page Content (sometimes may be called just "Home")
  3. In the Main Body tools, scroll down until you see a Single Feed tool. If you have multiple social media tools on your home page, you'll have a tool for each feed section designed on your home page site. Our team will have labeled the tools to make it easier for you to see which tool belongs to which section of your home page.
  4. In the Single Feed tool menu drop down, choose Update Social Display
  5. Select the correct social media feed (you may be currently connected to a test account).
  6. Click Submit

You're done! Your feed will automatically begin to publish to your home page!


NOTE: if you do not have Social Media Database (included in our Premier and Enterprise Service Plans), your feed is programmatically connected to the Facebook URL you provided during your website setup & design project. Any changes to the feed source must be requested through customer support.


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